How a ‘Human Image’ can Kill Conversions

By Niroshan Samuel

Human Images have been used in advertising for centuries Without a doubt, human faces in advertisements grab our attention faster than almost anything else It draws us in even more when it is a well-known face,...

A Proven Formula for Optimizing Campaigns to get Future Conversions

By Niroshan Samuel

Campaign optimization is a major task and responsibility for a campaign team because optimization logic decides the return on ad spend at the end of the month Optimization logic should contain a lever to manage...

‘Long Term Memory’ Marketing: How to Stop Wasting your Advertising Budget

By Niroshan Samuel

Our brain contains two types of memories: short-term memory (or working memory) and long-term memory Short-term memory is where we remember something for a little while before either dismissing it or transferring...

Multi-Property Attribution Model: Hotel Marketers Can’t Ignore It Anymore

By Niroshan Samuel

Measuring campaign success across multiple channels is essential to gaining insight to invest on each channel Nowadays, common buzz word is multi-channel attribution, even though marketers don’t practice it...

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