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Understand Your Customers Optimize Content & Campaigns
Predict Outcomes Develop New Business Models and Transform

Succeed at every stage of the digital sales cycle with our broad range of insight-based tools and services.


Capture your customer journey across all touch points.
Get powerful insights to build a true omni channel experience.

Analytic Application Audit


A tailor-made service built around your business’s unique requirements, the audit takes an in-depth look at your website’s Google Analytics configuration as well as your tracking setup. It will ensure that you’re not only getting accurate data but also the right data according to your specific needs.

360 Customer Journey Viewer


By applying advanced analytics to all your customer touch points, you’ll finally get a complete view of your entire customer journey. We’ll find out what works and what doesn’t so you can make informed decisions on your future marketing efforts and enjoy the best returns.

Sentiment Analyzer


A unique, proprietary tool that identifies the positive, negative or neutral tones from a variety of engagement channels (social media, forums, questionnaires, reviews, emails etc.) to better understand people’s actual attitudes towards your brand. By attaching sentiment scores to each theme, entity, and category, the Sentiment Analyzer is also able to give you accurate feedback on your products and services as well as your marketing efforts.

Digital Measurement Framework


To help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing across all customer touch points, our analytics team builds customised digital marketing frameworks. Comprehensive and robust, each framework has the potential to provide an almost infinite combination of metrics, such as insights into what advertising is making the biggest impact, what are the relationships between different marketing initiatives, which channels, personas and content are giving the best ROI. As part of this service, we’ll help you identify the most important and relevant metrics for your business so you’ll have all the information you need to take action at both a strategic and operational level.

Marketing Technology Advisory


With the number of new capabilities, technologies and vendors skyrocketing almost everyday, deciding which ones are right for your business can be a nightmare. Fortunately, our experts can help you. We’ll study your business goals and your industry landscape, as well as future trends, and determine what your marketing needs to plan, execute and measure to be successful both today and in the future. We’ll then help you choose the right systems for a technology stack that’s ideal for you so your business can make its next big leap forward.


Use marketing technologies to personalise your offering
and improve engagement, conversion and retention rates.

User Engagement Analysis


Our team of data specialists will correlate and translate raw user behaviour across channels, devices and content engagements to give you actionable insights, which can help you significantly accelerate your business results.

Conversion Optimization


Using testing, content recommendations, persuasion psychology and cutting-edge technology, we can help you refine your digital marketing efforts by focusing your targeting, increasing user engagement and reducing barriers to purchases. This results in shorter sales cycles, increased conversions and greater revenue.

Search Engine Marketing & Display Optimization


Polishes your digital campaigns so you get prime listings on the most popular search engines and publications. This helps ensure your brand is seen whenever someone searches for your type of business, product or service, or even your competition.

SEO Optimisation


Our proven, data-driven approach to SEO optimisation will help your brand rise up the list and improve its visibility on search engine results without advertising. Enjoy prime positions for all your keywords across all major engines.

Website Development


Focused on creating high performance websites, our designers integrate analytic insights and best practices with the latest technology and design trends. This, combined with a deep understanding of a visitor’s needs as well as the client’s business goals, has resulted in websites that not only offer an excellent user experience but also deliver high conversion rates and outstanding returns.

Retention Optimizer


Builds a real-time model of how well your website is keeping visitors and customers engaged. This information can then help you proactively address churn and quickly take steps to improve a user’s life time value.


Use the power of data science to predict which of your marketing initiatives
will succeed and deliver the best returns.

Intelligent DataMart


Built by ReapDigital, Intelligent DataMart’s greatest strength is its ability to capture both advertising data and engagement data and link it to your business’s customer relationship management system (CRM). This offers you unique insights which allows you to make more informed conclusions when making critical decisions on your sales and marketing.

Predictive Analytics


Today, large volumes of marketing data are available through a variety of sources. Our systems carefully analyze this data to uncover impactful behavioural insights, which are used to calculate possible outcomes and predict results.


Uncover upcoming consumer trends and growth opportunities
to build new business models and transform your brand.

Ecommerce Enabler


This tailor-made offering makes it easy for a brick-and-mortar business to take its store online. Using a tried and tested process, we’ll work with you to create a conversion-focused website that caters to the unique needs of both your business and your customers. We’ll also integrate our proprietary ecommerce platform which, equipped with an optimised shopping cart, inventory control capabilities, delivery/return tracking and recommendation system plus call centre access (if needed), delivers outstanding outcomes for businesses of any type and scale.

Omni Channel Optimization


Today, consumers connect to your brand through multiple online and offline channels, including your store, website, app, call centre, social media etc. To succeed in this new landscape, businesses need to offer outstanding, seamless experiences across all touch points. We can help you do this. By connecting customer data from from all interactions, we can build comprehensive, individual profiles. This means your brand has all the information it needs to deliver highly personalised experiences regardless of location, channel or device.

Digital Transformation Consulting


Making the transition to a fully digital enterprise can often be difficult and frustrating. Fortunately, we can help. Using our expertise in marketing and data analytics, we can deliver the insights you need to get a true understanding of your customers’ preferences and behaviours. With these, we can help you develop new, consumer-driven business models where product lines are optimised and channels are used to their full potential, so you can enhance your brand, grow your revenue and transform your business.

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